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090. A story of a woman that could be YOU

Oct 13, 2022


Episode 90

There’s a story of a woman who lived according to the “WHEN” philosophy…and her life went something like this...
I’m going to travel one day... WHEN I have the money
I’m going to spend longer with my kids… WHEN I have the time
I’m going to start writing my book… WHEN I feel more creative
I’m going to mend broken relationships… WHEN I feel like I can learn to forgive
I’m going to quit my work… WHEN I find the courage to do so
I’m going to start my online business…WHEN I’ve done another course
She believed that ONE DAY she would do all these things… but sadly, that day never came for her. 
Little did she realise that the sands of time were running out for her. 
The years went by and she never got to travel, spent little time with her kids, never wrote her book and never quit her job…she died with massive regrets having done nothing she was destined to do.
Are you currently choose to live like this woman? Are you also playing the “WHEN” game?
If that’s you, what is it going to take for you to realise that you only have ONE PRECIOUS LIFE.
Do the things you want to do because “WHEN” might never come for you. 
It’s never too late to choose a new path. I know you will choose wisely… with this old woman in mind.
Blessings, Maren

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