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089. The 3 Biggest Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Oct 06, 2022


Episode 89

You’ve put your heart and soul into this…late nights, blood, sweat and tears... to finally turn your business into a reality.
That little idea which you’ve nurtured for so long…like a newborn waiting to see the light of day. That day has arrived.
It’s your time. It’s your chance. You’ve built up the courage…it’s now or never.
You’re nervous.
You’re excited.
You’re scared.
The doubts start creeping in…the voices, they’re getting louder and louder!
What if this doesn’t work?
What if I’ve wasted my time and money launching this business?
What if my friends were right about me?
This is normal….or, is it?
You see, if you’ve done your homework then you have nothing to fear. If you have absolute clarity on the basics for your business and got confirmation from your
market - BEFORE LAUNCHING - then you won’t need to stress.
However, the problem for too many people is that they jump into a new business and then live in “hopium.”
They “hope" that the market wants what they have to offer.
They “hope” that customers will land up infront of their product or service.
They “hope” they have the pricing right.
But, it doesn’t have to be like this…whether you have launched or just about to launch your new business, it’s never too late to get things right. 
In today’s episode, I highlight 3 common mistakes that new business owners are making which are costing them dearly - in traffic, in sales and in sanity!
Let’s get it right. Right now…enjoy!


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